Architecture is often considered to be one of the most prestigious creative careers and for good reason. Architectects take on a great amount of responsibility with their projects and undergo extensive education in order to ensure its design success and safety.

Our worlds are structured by the architecture we live, work and play in, and the designs we create today may last for many years. This means that the utmost consideration must be applied to these projects to ensure their viability and contribution into the future.

Architects have the option of choosing from different career paths, such as working locally on different types of projects, or specializing in a certain type of architecture internationally.


The architecture industry has changed in many ways over the years, from the technology used, the awareness of resources and sustainability. This has also changed the role and challenges that architects face today.

A successful career as an architect is not something to be taken lightly. In this demanding profession, there are many considerations to make along the way. 

For those who are passionate and consistently work to improve their knowledge and understanding, being an architect can be extremely rewarding both creatively and financially. 

Education is mandatory to become a licensed architect and generally followed by an apprenticeship or understudy of some type to build up experience before taking on the responsibility solely.

  Job Growth – Consistent

  Annual Salary – 47k – 130K

  Training  – 5-8 year avg.



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