Commercial photography involves more than just taking great photos, it’ also about providing a valuable business service, and those that understand this aspect tend to do extremely well as a career photographer.

From product photography to brand and marketing photo shoots, great imagery is a must. Many companies understand this are are willing allow sizable budgets to ensure they work with highly talented photographers that can deliver exactly what they need.

To be a successful commercial photographer, understanding the business side of things is just as important as the imagery itself, as this service is partly what establishes the value of the larger budget projects.


Commercial photography has had a strong growth over the last couple decades due to more companies using social media to market their products and strengthen their company branding.

The salary for commercial photographers varies largely depending on the reputation of the photographer and the caliber of commercial projects they work on. It can be quite high compared to other creative careers, but it often takes years in the business to achieve this level.

Often, new commercial photographers will first need to build up a portfolio before they can be considered for projects with larger budgets.

Formal education is not mandatory to become a great photographer, however to quickly develop the skills needed and learn how the industry works, specialized training in commercial photography is extremely valuable.

  Job Growth – Very High

  Annual Salary – 52k – 84K

  Training  – 3 year avg.



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