Fashion design used to be reserved for an elite few designers working for larger companies, however in today’s internet and social media driven market, fashion design is much more commonplace and approachable.

Whether it’s pushing forward new ideas and breaking old trends, or tapping into the underlying fabric of social to present a fitting and comfortable style, great fashion designers have the ability to focus their creativity in a way that we can relate to.

With the accelerated sharing of fashion via the internet, fashion designers must maintain a good knowledge of the current trends and styles in order to design relevant apparel that can achieve strong sales. 


Fashion design has always been around, however the demand for fashion designers has been increasing over the years as styles and trends are much more accessible. This has also enabled designers to specialize more in particular areas of design that inspires them. 

Fashion designers salaries can vary greatly depending on whether they work for a company or they start their own, but it really depends on how successful their designs are. For designers that are involved in successful products, they can have consistent annual salaries well into six figures.

Depending on the direction you choose to go, a formal education may or may not be required, however with a bachelor’s degree in a relevant artistic discipline, they opportunities increase dramatically. 

A common and practical path is to get degree, intern and  get entry level work with a small company, then advance to a larger company or start your own line.

  Job Growth – Very High

  Annual Salary – 40k – 103K

  Training  – 3-4 year avg.



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