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Film and video production takes a number of finely honed skills all coming perfectly together to create a cohesive experience that captivates and engages with the viewer.

A high attention to detail and a passion for excellence is a must for film and video producers. It’s also requires the ability to keep the direction in mind throughout the twists and turns of production.

There are many steps to film and video production and often these require different specialized positions and jobs depending on the project.


The film and video production design industry has one of the broadest spectrums when it comes to the size of projects and career potential.

Salary for film and video producers varies drastically depending on many factors such as talent and experience on previous successful projects. This also influences the type of  projects and opportunities made available.

While entry level positions for film production pay very well, the top tier producers can earn some of the highest salaries of any creative career. 

The level of technical proficiency as well as conceptual understanding is extremely important as the industry has become quite competitive over the years. Education and proficient training are more important than ever in order to stand out from the crowd.

  Job Growth –  Consistent

  Annual Salary – 66k – 750K

  Training  – 3-5 year avg.



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