Graphic design is at the core of so many types of creative fields. This is why this is such a strong skill to have, as it’s strong artistic foundations apply to many different creative careers.

Great graphic designers take into consideration many factors and guidelines, while still managing to present a unique and original concept that supports the desired outcome perfectly.

In a world that’s becoming increasingly more digital, the demand for talented designers is also increasing in many different digital media industries.


The demand for digital media has consistently grown over the past few decades along with the internet and shows no sign of slowing any time soon.

Graphic design offers many different careers paths and work environments from freelancing, to working for a design studio or directly within a company.

Graphic designers that have an education in the fine arts and a good understanding of traditional principles are increasingly in high demand, as many companies understand the importance of quality design and branding.

The salary for graphic designers varies greatly depending on the amount of education, experience and previous projects and accomplishments. The career path also 

  Job Growth – Consistent

  Annual Salary – 34k – 69K

  Training  – 3-4 year avg.



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