Industrial design serves an important role in the modern market and can be an extremely rewarding career for creative types that enjoy conceptualizing in 3-d.

The best industrial designers balance form and function well and like to create challenges and then solve the problem with a creative and practical solutions.

Some industrial designers prefer to work on projects independently while other like to work within a team involve a team where designers focus on individual aspects of the project.


Industrial design has always been a part of the marketplace, but the technological advances over recent years has dramatically changed both the possibilities and the design process.

The salary for industrial designers is fairly high compared other creative careers and it tends to have a more consistent rate of growth as well as.

For talented designers working for studios, there’s a stronger job security than those that tend to freelance.

The level of education is important in this career, as it involves using technology to solve complex challenges couple with pleasing  ascetics. Most companies will want to see a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, along with a portfolio of previous successful project.

  Job Growth – Consistent

  Annual Salary – 60k – 70K

  Training  – 3-4 year avg.



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