Interior design is the art of enhancing interiors and creating spaces that influence the way we feel function within a space. From daily living to special events, interior designers find creative ways to  inspire mood and refine the spaces around us.

For creatives that have an appreciation for the spaces that we all live work and play in and an ability to visualize well, interior design may be the perfect fit.

Interior designers have many career options available, from freelancing worldwide in a particular niche, to working in a design studio that handles many different types of interior design and architecture.


Interior design has had a fairly average rate of growth over the past few decades, however within the commercial sector, there’s been an increasing demand for talented designers.

The most successful Interior Designers are able to work well with clients to understand their needs and find creative solutions and practical methods, often building a great professional reputation along the way.

There are many different types of career styles, from part time freelance, to becoming a full time professional working for a design studios, so the  salary for Interior Designers varies greatly depending on the career path.

Formal education is generally not required to become an Interior Designer, however most successful interior designers do have a bachelor’s degree in the arts.

  Job Growth – consistent

  Annual Salary – 28k – 91K

  Training  – 3 year avg.



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