Web design is at the very foundation of the internet and continues to be the leading force driving this technical frontier into the future. 

Great web designers are able to integrate both form and function brilliantly into their designs, as visitors to the website actually interact which the layout and architecture.

Website design offers a lot of career opportunities in other area of design and development, and often the freedom of location independent and being able to work from anywhere.


The web design industry has drastically evolved the years as new technology and platforms have made it possible to create complex functions or simply designs more easily.

With basic template and platforms available for simple drag and drop sites, web designers with a lower skill sets are becoming less relevant. However, there’s a high demand for designers that have attained a high level of expertise in web development. 

Now more than ever, the highest paid web designers are those who can raise to the challenge of developing websites that simply templates cannot achieve.

A formal education is not necessary to become a successful web designer, however with the more technical demands in the marketplace, some sort of  training is highly valuable, especially if working for larger companies.

  Job Growth – Very High

  Annual Salary – 56k – 70K

  Training  – 3 year avg.



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